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Automatic bale loader AutoStack XP54
The world leader in the bale-handling sector. 

A single opeartior is able to carry out the whole collection and stacking process, working with large volumes of bales. Perfect stacking, ideal for intensive work on large farms and on relatively flat and even terrain. Maximum efficienty and profitablity reduced transport intervals between collecting and unloading bales.

  • Efficient, safe and reliable.

  • Fully independent hydraulic system.

  • Safe, reliable electronic system developed by ARCUSIN for the different AutoStack machines.

  • Rapid movements. Easy, simple loading and unloading.

  • Reinforced, highly-resistant tines on the mobile carriage to ensure stability during unloading.

  • Simple, rapid and safe unloading of part loads.

  • Easy, intuitive handling, without the need for previous experience.

  • Floating, single-turn, pick-up.

  • One operator can carry out the whole process.

  • Its low-pressure, wide, floatation wheels guarantee great stability and adaptability on all types of terrain. Particularly useful for working on humid and sandy terrain.


Screen Shot 2020-05-25 at 11.53.39